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Corporate Finance

We work side-by-side with executives to help their companies create unprecedented value. We have deep experience in finance, organization design, M&A, investor relations management and change management. We help organizations create competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance.



Our Corporate Finance consulting work links corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to help executives and their teams create value. We also help companies improve their investor relationship management and prepare for, and respond to, the approach of activist investors:

  • Capital Markets: We work with our clients to understand what drives total shareholder return (TSR) in their industry and to benchmark their performance against peers using our TSR diagnostic. Our approach pinpoints the root causes of gaps between intrinsic versus market values and identifies strategies to close these gaps. We rigorously analyze corporate objectives and support the development of portfolio strategies, investment decisions and financing considerations that are aligned with those goals. We push our clients to use their balance sheet as a strategic weapon. We also help clients develop their equity story and communicate effectively with investors and analysts to ensure the right message is reaching the right people.
  • Transactions: We have deep mergers and acquisitions consulting experience. Our expertise spans a wide range of services and support: M&A strategy, valuation considerations, due diligence, pre-announcement planning, merger integration, divestitures and separations, and support for selective parts of the IPO process. We help clients capture value through all types of transactions.
  • CFO/Finance Function: We work together with CFOs to help them create and lead world-class finance functions. We help develop an integrated approach to value-based planning that ensures a focus on shareholder value creation by covering strategy, business planning, resource allocation, performance management and zero-based budgeting programs. We also help executives create high-performing finance organizations by building winning operating models. We maintain extensive benchmarking databases to help our clients achieve significant improvements in operating effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Objectivity and Independence: We have an unswerving commitment to our True North values and ensure that transactions are consistent with our clients’ corporate and financial strategies. Since our fees are not contingent on transactions closing, we never have any incentive to do otherwise.


We take an integrated view of the challenges of linking corporate finance requirements to the needs of businesses and their managers. Strategy, at its heart, is about making critical decisions around the allocation of scarce resources. It is about understanding the true sources of a company’s competitive advantage and making sure the resources are available to seize opportunities.

  • Corporate and portfolio strategy: Our corporate finance consultants add a robust financial and capital market lens to corporate and portfolio strategy decisions. Strategy is our heritage and we apply our experience to help our clients determine where to play and how to win, taking into consideration the core business and opportunities for repeatable success in adjacent markets. Our ability to link strategy and corporate finance expertise helps our clients identify—and make informed decisions about—M&A opportunities that align with their corporate strategy. Nearly half of Bain’s strategy work involves M&A as a key part of growth planning.
  • Value Acceleration: We offer a holistic approach that helps accelerate the ability to identify, prioritize, and deliver value at all levels of an organization.
  • Investor relationship management and equity story development: We determine the factors that most directly influence a company’s value and benchmark its performance on those dimensions against industry peers. With a clear picture of market expectations as compared to key sources of value, we co-author a compelling equity story that targets the right investor mix to unlock further value and close the gaps to intrinsic valuation levels. We also develop action plans that will align value with the equity story, and we help with market communication—in the form of presentation materials, meeting preparation and other support—to ensure the story is delivered effectively.
  • Transaction strategy and support: We help clients consider all transaction options, not just the obvious ones, and ensure that the result is consistent with both corporate and financial strategies. Our corporate finance expertise links corporate and portfolio strategy to mergers and acquisitions objectives. In doing so, we cover the entire transaction playbook, from identifying buyers or sellers to performing due diligence to executing transactions with merger integration, carve-out, divestiture and separation and spin-off support.
  • CFO Agenda: Our Corporate Finance consultants are trusted advisors to CFOs. We maintain a dialogue with CFOs at many of our clients spanning the topics that are top of their mind, including: financial strategy, balance sheet management, finance function operating model, risk management and turnaround and crisis management.